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AI Brand Strategy

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We help you develop your brand strategy based on complex AI-based analysis! Why is it important? Knowing a company’s internal values and goals is as important as knowing your own. We can share these values with the world through a variety of exciting channels. We can help you with our 20+ years of experience and the power of AI to get them right to your target audience.

Design & Visuality

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Appearance is of paramount importance. We believe in the power of visuality. Like a well-chosen outfit, a personalised and unique design and image can help communicate your inner values.

Uniq AI Development

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AI-based assistants, hybrid AI technology. If you already have a brand strategy and you need digital solutions to go with it, we can help you figure out exactly what kind of development you need to support your brand. Whether it’s a mobile app or web development, we’ll recommend the most effective and best solution.

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        Today, without an online presence, no brand could survive. Regardless of the target group, the first thing you do when you want to find out about anything is to search online or look at the website. For Zero Emission Leadership, we have already developed a full identity and now we have a website to go with it.


        Unique branding, wine packaging, limited edition. It was a very inspiring and exciting project, as we were able to approach the packaging and the world of a limited edition wine from several angles.

        Katie’s Homes

        To be at home means to be at peace, quiet and filled with good feelings. If someone can create an atmosphere in which you can feel at home, even if only for a short time, that is a real treasure. Kata is very good at this, one of the best in Airbnb. And her brand is really unique and in itself creates a cosy, warm atmosphere.


        There is something very special about making bread that may be difficult to explain, you just need to try and experience the feeling that the process gives. When we see the dough swollen, then blush in the oven, and when we hear the crack and feel the softness of the gut with our fingers, we only live for the moment.


        More and more radio stations are switching to digital broadcasting. But RadiUS means that even those with older analogue radios can still access their favourite channels. It has been an exciting and interesting project to dream up the look and feel of the product.


        HerbaTherapy is typically a brand that works strongly on the senses. A fragrance that connects. The world of essential oils is a great opportunity, full of countless positive sensations. Working together to reimagine the visual world of the brand is truly inspiring and exciting.

        „The brand was born because we put the spice in it, we filled it with emotions. We didn’t achieve momentary goals, but we made everlasting values manifest, with visuality at the highest level.”

        Kata HerbaTherapy


        Zero Emission Leadership is a brand that is about leaders, for leaders, in the 21st century. We can lead not just a company, a team, a community, but a family. And when you can be part of the visual dreaming of a brand with such high professional content, it’s an uplifting feeling…

        „When encountering the visual works of Sallay & Co., the term ‘elemental experience’ has come to mind several times. And in our own 6 years of collaboration, they still surprise me with the quality of the details, the naturalness of the connection and how precisely they observe, create and express us.”

        Viktor ZEL | Zero Emission Leadership

        TEVA Eurovit

        A brand such as Eurovit is a big professional responsibility, with hundreds of thousands of products, a high profile and one of the favourite dietary supplements of health-conscious people. So it was with due humility, care and enthusiasm that we dreamed up a new look for the whole range.

        „Sallay & Co.’s modern vision, unique visual approach and precise execution make him truly special. All of his work exudes sophistication, clarity and harmony, which is one of the reasons I have insisted on working with him for over 8 years.”

        Jenni Brand Manager OTC | TEVA

        Dr. Rita Fazekas

        It’s always exciting when we create a brand that is linked to a person. Personal branding is a genre of its own and perhaps it’s in this category that it really matters to create good feelings and trust. Rita and I really enjoyed working together and it was a great feeling to support the creation of the brand, as it represents real values for us.


        ENBE could be a personal brand, but it has actually grown into a whole range of products. As a mother of four, Betti brought the brand to life and we were present at its birth. We dreamed up a premium visual world for premium products, with subtleties so that the gold wouldn’t scare off the brand’s customers, but rather just subtly entice them.

        „Yesterday we labelled all the products and put them next to each other. Then we sat down and couldn’t find the words. We just looked at it and couldn’t get enough. I still find it hard to believe that what I dreamed so much about is now right in front of me.”

        Bernadett | ENBE CEO

        Brands with emotions…

        We choose the most successful brands not just because they offer a lot of benefits over other brands, but because we can connect with them emotionally. Somewhere, sometime, they have triggered some kind of positive response in us that makes us feel like it’s for us or about us. We build brands that make us feel positive and engaged.



        90% of buying decisions are made subconsciously. *


        We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. *


        50% of a brand experience is based on emotion. *

        * Source: Harvard Business Review


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